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Posted by harrisonnjoroge on July 30, 2008


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Posted by harrisonnjoroge on July 30, 2008

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The Day I Will Never Forget

Posted by harrisonnjoroge on July 30, 2008

One Friday morning, my mother had told me to prepare myself for journey to Mombasa in the evening. I was so happy and very eager for that journey, since several months had passed without me visiting Mombasa.

Immediately, it reached 7 pm, we left the house headed to town to pick a bus going to Coast. We were lucky to have boarded a comfortable one and it was being driven as fast as lightning.

On the road, we passed several trees, birds and wild animals strolling in search of water.The nature itself looked so beautiful and what kept on ringing on my mind was, what I could get in comparison to this beautiful nature.

When we reached a certain point, the bus made a stop and as some passengers alighted, more boarded the bus. Suddenly, a beautiful girl boarded and sat next to me. She was very beautiful and I could not tell what I would have compared her with, besides nature.

I gathered courage and asked her, her name. She told me, she was called Wanjiku. I wanted just to be next to her, but circumstances could not allow me, since I was almost alighting in the next bus stop.

This girl was marvellous and unique in everything. From the looks to her attitude. She was an angel to me.

My greatest day ever, was having met such a beautiful girl whom I could not have resisted.

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Death On the Streets

Posted by harrisonnjoroge on July 16, 2008

One day, when I was walking along the busy streets of Nairobi, I saw a crowd of people gathered and there was a lot of shouting as if people were quarrelling. I decided to move closer to have a glimpse of what was happening.

The moment I got closer, I saw a body of a boy dressed in school uniform lying on the floor. I tried to listen to peoples views so that I could have a clue of what had happened, unfortunately, I could not comprehend anything as each person was giving a different story from the other.

Suddenly, we heard a loud siren from a far. Within a few seconds, we saw an ambulance being driven fast towards where we were standing followed by a school bus.

Immediately I inquired from the students what had happened to the boy, they told me that they had received information that their student lying down their had been attacked and died.

Time was running,and the teacher who had accompanied the students hurried up and put the body of the student in the ambulance and they drove off without saying a word with any one.

I went away to continue doing my business. One month later, as I was walking along the streets, I met one of the students. Luckily, she could remember me. When I asked him what had happened to that student, she told me with a sad look on his face that, the boy was killed by either policemen or thieves, as he had deep wounds on his body.

I comforted him, as such incidences were taking place on a daily basis, yet the government was not willing to take action against its officers.


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My Girlfriend

Posted by harrisonnjoroge on July 16, 2008

I was walking down the road along Kirinyaga road when out of the blues, appeared a small girl who was weeping uncontrollably. I felt pity for her and decided to inquire from her what had happened.

Immediately I moved closer to her, and whispered, fearing what she might tell me in return, I said,”Excuse me, is there anything wrong?” She answered, looking at me with sorrowful eyes,” I had requested my mother to help me with seventy shillings for the school trip,in return, she beat me and refused to give me, not even a single coin.”

I asked her if it would be okay with her, if I gave her some cash, she did not decline. Immediately¬† reached my pocket and gave her three hundred shillings for the trip. She thanked me several times and told me her name was,”Leah Njeri.” In return, I told him my name was ”Harrison Njoroge.”

From where we were standing, she showed me where she lives, on top of a hill, and offered me a visit any time I would have free time.

After a week, I went to visit her. When I reached their house, I called o her name and she came out. We were very happy to see each other.  I decided to take a walk with her and while we were walking I asked her if she had a boyfriend. She told me, she did not have any by then. I asked her if it was okay with her to let me be her boyfriend. She agreed

I felt so happy because she was the first girl I had spoken with in my life and had agreed to be my girlfriend.

I was so much delighted to have a girl in my life,when I asked her if she would accept to have a cup of tea in my house, she willingly accepted my invitation.

The day she came, I was so happy. I made her tea and took a walk with her round the village as a symbol of the p[ride I had in me for having won such a beautiful girl like her.

When I asked her if she would be my future wife after completing school, she accepted my humble request. Immediately, she completed her studies, I took her to my mother for introduction. My mother accepted her warm heartedly. Since then we have always lived as husband and wife.

Little did I know that the little girl I helped willingly would turn out to be a great wife in my life.

I told my mother, “This is my wife.” My mother did not believe that I had a wife. Now we are continuing with our lives.

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